Academic Teaching Methods

The webinar is oriented towards innovative methods for academic teaching. The attendees will be introduced to academic teaching methods as whole and to 3 specific ones.

Date & Duration: Thu, 20 Jun 2024 (Europe/Brussels), 1:30 - 3:30pm


Teaching Methodologies in a Nutshell (30 min)
(The modern learning methodologies like content-based learning, sequential learning, virtual tutoring, etc. )

The Atomic Learning as the ground-breaking methodology for eLearning (30 min)
(The new methodology which is based on the "First Principle" theory)

The Virtual/Extended Reality and atomic learning – The future of Virtual Education (30 min)
(Application of AR/VR/XR in engineering education)

Intelligent learning – Learn by using minimal effort (30 min)
(AI technologies and methodologies applied in learning)

Practical Work – Using different technologies and software tools to learn.

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Foto di Gerd Altmann da Pixabay