Green Pass - Certificazione verde COVID-19

Green Pass shows your COVID-19 status: vaccination details, or negative test results, or recovering from it. 

It is asked for travelling abroad and to access domestic events and venues such us concerts, weddings, restaurand and bars (to sit down inside), museums, swimming pools, gyms, etc. 

Green Pass is:

  • digital and paper version;
  • QR code to check its validity;
  • free of charges;
  • in Italian and English.

From July 1 2021 it is valid as EU Digital COVID Certificate that should simplify travelling in another EU and Schengen countries.

From February 1 2022 EU Digital COVID Certificate - Green Pass has a duration of 180 days - 6 months. 

ONLY for travelling in EU purposes EU Digital COVID certificate keeps the 9-months validity. 

COVID certificates issued in  more than 33 Non Eu countries (and territories) are accepted in the EU
under the same conditions and viceversa? Click here for more information.



How to get your Green Pass? What you need and when you get the pass. 


A. Vaccination


Get the Green Pass



1st dose vaccine


After the 12° day from the vaccination

Until the next dose

2nd dose or single dose for recovering

by a couple of day (48 hours) 

6 months from the date of the vaccination

Single shot vaccine


After the 15° day from the vaccination

6 months from the date of the vaccination


by a couple of day (48 hours) 


6 months from the date of the vaccination

B. PCR test or rapid antigen test within the past 48 hours

Get the Green Pass


Negative result

After a couple of hours

48 hours starting from the time of the test




C. Recovering from COVID-19

Get the Green Pass


Recovered from COVID-19 within the past 6 months

The day after  

180 days (6 months)


Getting it... 

The Pass is available in both paper and eletronic version. It possible to download it for free, in Italian and in English by:


Have you been vaccinated in Italy but  you are not registered with the Italian Health System - SSN? 

Please go to  and fill it out with the following information: 

  • your Italian tax identification number  or the code you have received to get vaccinated 
  • last vaccination date

For more information about Green Pass/EU Digital COVID certificate please visit  

Things to Know

COVID-19 emergency and measures against it are changing constantly.

Green Pass might be expanded more. 
Up-to-date information on Green Pass is available at this link 


The Green Pass is not available for children under the age of 12.


For domestic events/moving, etc. please check the entry requirements for the venue you are visiting. 

For travelling abroad, always check the entry requirements for the country