Undergraduate programme

The University of Trieste offers an undergraduate degree program (BSc) in Physics.

The 3-year bachelor's program provides high-level scientific preparation and professional training that allows graduates to obtain an employment rapidly or choose to continue studying for a higher degree in physical sciences.

Students are awarded a Degree in Physics (Laurea in Fisica) if they pass all exams, successfully defend a thesis/dissertation and obtain 180 ECTS.


WHat about the programme?
The degree programme covers a wide range of subjects, ranging from Mathematical Analysis to Computing Laboratory, Quantum Physics, Chemistry, Statistical Physics, etc.

The academic year is divided into two terms, with a 2-month break between terms dedicated to individual study and exams. Courses are followed by exams.
Each course has its own number of credits to be achieved. The envisaged number of credits per year is 60.
In the third year it is possibile to choose optional and professional courses.


The final dissertation consists of a brief project done under the supervision of a professor of the University of Trieste on a topic of interest either for the research community or the industrial world.

Updated information about courses is published each year in the Department of Physics' website.

Courses are taught in Italian.

How to apply?

Relevant information on application and enrolment can be found at the following link.





For more information, please visit the following website.

Things to know

The awarded degree corresponds to the British bachelor's degree or the French licence.



Students may benefit from international mobility opportunites offered by the University of Trieste - e.g. the Erasmus Programme and according to other specific agreements that the University has signed with other foreign universities.
More information on international mobility can be found at the following webpage or contacting the International Mobility Office by e-mail at mobilita.incoming@amm.units.it