Italian Health System

Servizio Sanitario Nazionale

The Italian Health System (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale - SSN) is organized at regional level under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The local health authorities (Aziende Sanitarie Locali) are in charge of the services for free or upon the payment of a co-payment fee (ticket).
Also NHS-affiliated private care clinics (strutture sanitarie accreditate)  deliver care services as the local health service.

The Italian Health System provides:  

  • hospitalisation and treatment; 
  • basic medical care (General Practitioners and paediatricians); 
  • specialist medical care by paediatricians, midwives and other specialist doctors;
  • medication at a discounted price;
  • laboratory tests, aids and devices;
  • ambulance service and other free services provided by the local healthcare authority (e.g. family planning clinics).

It guarantees medical treatment in public health facilities when this is urgent or, however, necessary due to disease or accident. A fee or co-payment may be charged.


A general practitionnaire (medico di medicina generale) and a paeditrician should be chosen for medical treatment in case of headache, sore throat, flu, cold, allergies, etc, to have medicine prescipions or specialist treatment request. 

Specialist treatments are perfomed both by private doctors and by the National Health service. In the latter case you must call the regional healthcare booking service (CUP) at 0434 223522 to make an appointment provided by public hospitals  or by private contracted care clinics.

Who can register and how much does it cost?
Foreigners and Eu citizens may be entitled to register with the italian health system (SSN) provided that they stay more than 90 days in Friuli Venezia Giulia and they are permanent resident (with permit of stay, or with domicile, for students only) in the regional territory. 
The registration will provide, in certain cases, also the EHIC for temporary health coverage in another Eu contries for tourism purposes.

N.B. Foreigners attending a study programme in the region for less than 90 days are allowed to register with the SSN.

The registration could be mandatory or voluntary depending on the economic conditions and work contracts or study/research grants.


Things to know

Registration with SSN underwritten in Friuli Venezia Giulia region is valid only in its territory.

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