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ARDIS students and researchers hall

ARDIS housing facilities

ARDIS is the regional agency devoted to studying facilities rights.
It offers academic grant, student housing accommodation, financial aid for outward accommodation, financial aid for international mobility and other facilities such as canteen, sport activities, etc.

ARDIS manages student housing complex located in Trieste, Udine, Pordenone and Gorizia. It offers single and twin rooms with private or shared bathroom with communal area for relax and study.


Who can benefit from ARDIS accommodation?
Lodges are dedicated ONLY to students and PhDs enrolled with one the regional universities (University of Udine, University of Trieste, SISSA), conservatories (Tartini, Tomadini) and ITS.


How to apply?
The annual public tender is posted in ARDIS website.
Interested students must apply in advance (around July) for the academic year.
Places are granted to who holds specific enrolment, merit, income (family household) and assets requirements through an annual public tender.

Application must be made usually before the end of July. 


What about the rent?

Single rooms costs around 159€ while twin rooms 136€ per month. Utilities bills are included in the rent.

Trieste helpdesk

Salita M. Valerio 3
Phone 040 3595203 / 205
E-mail:; E-mail: (accommodation only)

Udine helpdesk
Viale Ungheria 39/b
Phone  0432 245772; E-mail:


For more information about ARDIS lodging, benefits, etc. please visit

Things to know

Accommodation for short periods, mainly in the summertime, may be available at times throughout the academic year. To check the availability please contact Ardis helpdesk in Trieste ( or Udine (