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Private accommodation

Looking for accommodation before your arrival is an asset to start well your new experience. You should begin searching for a place to stay at least a couple of months before the departure, above all if you have special needs (e.g pets).

How to search for accommodation?

There are many housing websites that match demand and offer. Most of adverts are only in Italian language, to better understand the adverts you can click here to look at the housing jargon.
Pay attention that also real estate agencies publish adverts on the web, so check  always who you are getting in touch with when answering to adverts.

Another option are the private residences dedicated to students. Contact Welcome Office in Trieste or Udine to get a list.

Finally, once there, a good solution may be check the bulletin boards at your institutions’ premises and ask friends or colleagues.


What about real estate agencies?
If you rent a property through an estate agent, you must pay the agent's fee, typically one or two month's rent. Please verify the payment conditions in advance. 

How to get in touch with landlords?
You can contact landlords by e-mail or phone, also in English. 

How much is the monthly rent? 
The rent is paid monthly and may range from € 200-350 for single rooms; from €350-550 for studios and about €600-750 for a two-room apartment.
Monthly rent can vary based on city, the neighborhood and the facilities provided. Utilities bills are in general not included in the rent, ask always landlord about extra costs.

Be aware that:
- if you book an accommodation before coming you will be asked to pay a deposit
- you must be in Italy to sign personally the rent contract.

Are apartments suitably equipped?
Apartments are usually equipped with the following items of furniture: Kitchen, Beds, Tables and chairs, Couch, Wardrobes, closets, etc.
Before coming ask landlord about the furniture items available in the apartment or in the room (i.e. pillows, mattress, lamps, etc.) and about the bed equipment (bed linen, blanket, duvet, etc.).


Formalities when hosting family members/relatives/friends at home
Be aware that anyone who hosts Italian, EU, EEA citizens for more than 30 days (uninterrupted), must declare it to Questura by  48 hours after the property disposal. 
If you host a Non EU citizens you have always to inform Questura by  48 hours.

For more information on this formality (Cessione di fabbricato/Dichiarazione di ospitalità) please see the dedicated section.


Things to know

Most common housing websites:






N.B. check if adverts are published by private landlords or estate agencies to avoid extra costs.

Social networks are also very useful when looking for an accommodation.

Do you know how to say non-renewal notice in Italian?
Click here to view the housing jargon!