Permit of stay for seeking employment

Who can apply for seeking employment residence permit?

Holders of research  residence permit who completed their research activities are entitled to apply for a permit of stay for seeking employment (Permesso per ricerca lavoro) at the end of the research project / at the end of their permit of stay for research purposes.  


Holders of study residence permit who completed the study programme and obtained a Degre/master/PhD title issued by an Italian higher education institution.  


This entitles to keep staying in Italy for 9 up to 12 months for seeking a job or to build an innovative start up related with the research activities carried out.


What do you need  to apply for that? 

  • SPID for the online application to ANPAL webiste to get the DiD regsitration
  • copy DiD registration
  • proof of the Italian higher education title
  • proof of the research project accomplished
  • etc. 

Pay attention that before applying for the permit the researcher need to apply for online DiD (Dichiarazione di immediata disponibilità al lavoro) through ANPAL website. The registration is sent to the local Job Centre (Centro per l'Impiego) which will finalise the unemployment status (iscrizione alle liste di collocamento). 

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