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Work permit

Permesso per lavoro

Students can convert their study permit in a work permit (subordinate or self employed).

Researchers can convert their research permit in a work permit to build a start-up related with their research project.
In Trieste province they can also convert their research permit in a subordinate work permit.  If you don't live in Trieste province you have to check this possibility with the local authorities of the province where you live in.

The conversion for work purposes (subordinate or self employed) requires the issue of an entry clereance (nulla osta) from Sportello Unico Immigrazione Regione FVG.


How to apply for a work permit (subordinate or self employed)? 

The request for conversion must be done online at the Italian Ministry of Interior website through a Patronato – Welfare agency or by yourself.
We warmly advise to contact a Patronato that will assist you.
For a list contact Welcome Office FVG.

After the application you will be contacted by Sportello Unico Immigrazione (SUI) to submit the documentation. SUI will provide you the immigration kit (Mod 209, Forms 1 and 2) already filled out. You have just to attach the documentation (only copies) and send it by post.


Which documents are required?  

  1. A revenue stamp (marca da bollo) of €16.00. The one you used for the online application!
  2. Copy of the passport (pages with personal data)
  3. Copy of the expiring permit of stay for study
  4. Copy of the academic certificate 
  5. Privacy form (signed)
  6. Suitability of accommodation certificate - Idoneità abitativa 

For subordinate work:

  • Copy of the ID of the employer (or copy of the permit of stay if the employer is a foreigner)
  • “n° di matricola INPS” and “codice INAIL – PAT” of the company
  • Copy of the work proposal (of at least 20 hours per week) signed by the employer and the worker OR, if the students is already employed (for maximum 20 hours per week), copy of the work contract or copy of “modello UNILAV”. 

For self employed work foreigners have to:

  • Prove that they have enough resources to start the work activity
  • Hold the requirements provided for by Italian law for the work activity chosen
  • Have a yearly income of more than € 8.500


How to apply for a permit to start a business related with a research project?

Researchers willing to build a start-up related with the research project they have just completed have to refer to Italia Start up Hub programme and its helpdesk to get information and assistance. 
Please visit: http://italiastartuphub.mise.gov.it/

Things to Know


15 LAVORO AUTONOMO (self employed)
16 LAVORO SUBORDINATO (subordinate)


Study permit can be converted in a work permit at any time of the year and beyond the annual entry flow quotas

Students enrolled at university courses, master or PhD can convert their permit of stay for study in a work permit also before the end of the study path.