Family cohesion

Coesione familiare-ricongiungimento in sede

It is a type of family reunification except that the family member can apply for family cohesion that means applying a family residence permit in Italy provided that the conditions and requirments for the application are strictly met. 

Family member can enter Italy for 90 days or less according to the entry visa or without it if they are exempted from it. Before the expiry date of the visa or by 90 days, family member needs to apply for  family cohesion to keep staying legally in Italy

No need to get the entry clereance for family (nulla osta)  or the relative entry visa. 

Attention: make sure to declare the presence and to submit declaration of hospitality/cessione fabbricato at  local Questura. Both papers must be included in the request for the permit of stay.


Who can apply?
It can only be requested by the family member  of a Non Eu citizen already legally resident in Italy. 


Who is eligible?
Eligible family members are the same as those for family reunification. For more information please visit Family reunification webpage


What are the conditions to apply?
The requirements are the same as those for family reunification (income and suitable accommodation).Family members can apply for family cohesion provided that the person to join in Italy:

  • is legally resident in Italy (for reasons such as study, research, work, etc.);
  • has sufficient income to maintain all the family members;
  • has a suitable accommodation (please visit Idoneità abitativa webpage).




How to apply?

Family member need to apply for family permit of stay to the local Questura by sending the immigration kit at the post office. For minors please visit Residence permit for minors webpage. 

For information about cost, documents to be included, etc. please read carefully Family residence permit webpage

It is also necessary to demonstrate certificates regarding the family relation (birth and/or wedding certificate or other deeds relating to the family status).

N.B. Certificates or any other documents issued by a foreign authority other than Italian need to be translated in Italian and legalised by the Italian Embassy to be accepted once in Italy or by the Italian courthall. Documents with apostille are legally recognised in Italy provided that they are translated in Italian.

Things to Know

Make sure to have the certificates ready and to meet all the requirements when applying at local Questura for the residence permit.

Non EU family members who apply for family reunion/hold a family permit of stay are entitled to register with the Italian National Health System for free or by paying an annual feeClick here for more info.