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Immigration and Fiscal services

Upon arrival and while in Italy, you will be asked to accomplish several administrative formalities. Forms to fill out are in general available only in Italian.
That is why you may need a professional support to get information on what to do and on how to perform it.

In Italy immigration and fiscal services can be provided by private agencies and companies and by welfare authorised agencies that offer professional support on immigration requirements, social benefits, and fiscal assistance on taxes, etc called Patronati (Welfare and immigration agencies) and CAF (Centre for Fiscal Assistance).

Patronato or CAF should be contact in advance by phone or email to book an appointment. Remember to specify your personal data, your request and leave your Italian mobile phone number.  

Things to know

How much does it cost?

Patronato services can be provided  for free (residence permit first issue/renewal, family reunion application) or upon the payment of a small fee (unemployment benefit, pension, etc.). Ask for the fee before booking an appointment. 

CAF assistance envisages the payment of fee that can be different according to the service provided. It is recommended to ask for the payment condition before getting the service.


Welcome Office FVG may provide you with a list of Patronati  in Trieste or Udine offering information and assistance in English.