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Transport facilities

Friuli Venezia Giulia region have an efficient public transport system that comprises urban and suburban lines, trains, bici bus, etc.
It possible to reach the main cities as well as tourist most interested places, beaches and mountains by bus, train, bike, etc.
Information on the regional public transport can be found here (in Italian only): https://tplfvg.it/it/.

Trieste Airport (Ronchi dei Legionari) is 33 km away from Trieste and about 41 km from Udine. It is well connected with buses and trains.  

The Trieste airport train station connects the airport with Trieste and Udine in about 30 min and with the main Italian cities (Venice, Milan, etc.). For more information visit Trenitalia website.

The Trieste airport bus station connect the airport to the main cities in the region (Trieste, Udine, Gorizia) by APT bus line (Coach 51). Updated schedules and fares are available on TPL FVG website.

Tickets can be purchased at city bus/coach station or at the airport:

  • in the Arrivals Hall at self ticketing automatic machine
  • in the Departures Hall  at the Tourist Information desk 

Things to know


Science Bus
A private sharing shuttle service that connects Trieste to Ronchi dei Legionari airport (Trieste airport), Venice, Treviso and Ljublijana airport.
For more information please visit Science bus website.


A private company for private and shared transports to/from airports near Trieste: Ronchi dei Legionari (Trieste airport), Venice; Treviso and Ljubljana.
For more information please visit Goopti website.