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Social security and Pension

The Italian social security system is managed by INPS - National Social Security Institute and it is funded by national insurance  contributions paid by employed workers, employers, independent workers and self-employed workers, as well as through general taxation, working in Italy regardless their citizenship.

The opportunity to obtain the following benefits by paying  contributions depend on whether the person concerned has a permit of stay or residence papers:

  • pensions
  • sickness and maternity/parental leave
  • unemployment benefit
  • family allowances
  • etc.

Benefit amounts are based on the length of time the worker has contributed to the Italian system and to the level of their earnings.

Pay attention that certain benefits such as those for sickness (a medical certificate issued by a GP of the SSN is required), maternity and parental leave, unemployment and family allowances can be claimed upon the conditions are met during the stay in Italy. 
Please ask information about that to your hosting organisation or employer. 

Pension contribution are paid monthly but it is not possible to claim them back before the pension age/pension contribution is met. 

Before moving to/from Italy it is advisable to contact INPS to get information about your own pension contribution. Social security rights accrued working abroad can be transferred to another EU country under certain conditions or to Non EU country provided that Italy has signed a bilateral agreement with it.


Separate Pension Scheme (Gestione separata), a pension fund financed by the mandatory social security contributions of insured workers.  It addresses to certain categories of para-subordinate workers like:

  • forms of coordinated and continuous collaboration (co. co. co.);
  • beneficiaries of research grants (assegno di ricerca);
  • scholarship recipients for attending research PhD programmes (PhD fellowship);
  • scholarship recipients supporting international student mobility; 
  • doctors with specialist training contracts;
  • etc. 


ATTENTION: Gestione separata registration must be fullfilled by the employee (e.g. Researcher, Phd students, etc.) under the Separate Pension Scheme throught INPS online service.

Please ask to your hosting organisation/employer about that and contact INPS Contact centre


Things to Know

To access the INPS website to apply for the benefits you need:

-a second level SPID (Public Digital Identity System)
- OR the CIE (Electronic Identity Card)
- OR the CNS (National Service Card).


For more information about social security in Italy and in the EU please visit Your Europe|State pension abroad 


RESAVER is a state-of-the-art Pan-European Pension Plan that enables mobile and non-mobile employees to remain with the same pension arrangement when moving between countries and when changing jobs. Find out more