Entry & Stay

Research residence permit

Permesso di soggiorno per ricerca

Foreigners holding a visa for research (long term Type D) whishing to stay more than 90 days have to apply for the permit of stay for research  by 8 days from the arrival in Italy. 

Researcher coming from abroad have to inform the host organisation about the arrival in Italy as an appoitment with Sportello Immigrazione Regione FVG will be taken on their behalf. 

Non Eu citizens already in Italy with another type of italian residence permit may apply for a research permit without the issue of the entry visa if they sign a hosting agreement with an Italian organization, recognized by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR).

How to apply for first issue/renewal?
At the appointment you will receive the application kit (Mod. 209 Form 1 and 2) already filled out (for the first issue only), the Italian Tax Identification number (codice fiscale) and the Integration Agreement form to be signed (if it is your first time in Italy). You will be then required to enclose to the application:

1. Mod 209, Forms 1 and 2 filled out. Download the instructions if you have to renew the permit.
2. a revenue stamp (marca da bollo) of € 16.00. It can be bought at any newsagent's and tobacconist's (tabaccaio) where cigarettes are sold

3. copy of your Italian tax Identification number

4. copy of the hosting agreement - convenzione di accoglienza (or copy of the renewal for the permit of stay renewal). N.B. hosting agreement is NOT the rent contract! Ask this document to your host organization.

5. copy of the Nulla Osta (entry clearance) for scientific research purposes (not requested for the renewal)

6. copy of the postal giro slip recepit of €30,46, plus the administrative contribution if you apply or renew for more than 3 months, to be paid in the same postal giro slip at any post office by using the postal giro slip in the kit. Remember to pay the administrative contribution according to the lenght of your hosting agreement (up to 1 year or more). The fee is €40 for permits up to one year, €50 from one year up to two years, €100  for more than 2 years.

7. copy of your passport (blank pages included)

8. proof of health insurance (e.g. private health insurance, registration with the National Health Service SSN, etc.) to be asked to your host organisation

9. proof of accommodation (i.e tenancy agreement, declaration of hospitality, etc.) and copy of cessione fabbricato (ask landlord)

10. proof of the research activities you are going to carry out (i.e. research project. For the renewal you need an extension of the project timeline)

N.B. The postal fee to send the kit is €30. 

After sending the application please follow the instruction described in point 2 (fingerprinting appoitment) and 3 (collect the permit) in Residence permit webpage (click on "read more").


Things to know



While waiting for the permit of stay, researchers are allowed to carry out their research activities.

Non Eu researchers holding a research permit from another Eu country are allowed to stay in Italy, provided that the research project foresees a stay in Italy, without entry visa.
For stay less than 90 days it is required to do the Declaration of presence; for more than 90 days it is required to have an hosting agreement and to apply for the permit.

Family reunion is allowed regardless the duration of the researcher’ permit of stay. Family members are allowed to stay in Italy until the validity of  the researcher's permit (for more information please visit the Family section).


When renewing the permit, go to Post office to collect the request kit, fill out Form 1 and 2, enclose the documentation required and send it at the post office. 
Alternatively, you can make an appointment at Patronato (in this case the kit is provided by Patronato). Remember to bring with you all the documentation.