Entry & Stay

EU long-term residence permit

Permesso di soggiorno Ue per soggiornanti di lungo periodo

It is a permanent residence permit for foreigners who have been living in Italy for at least five years and meet the requirements below listed. This permit grants similar rights as EU citizens.

The 5-years stay requirement must have been already met when applying for this permit.

Permit of stay for study period are now calculated by Questura di Trieste (Police headquarter) as 100% of their full period, and not as 50% as in the past. 

Who can apply and who cannot? 
NON EU citizens can apply if they:

  • hold a valid residence permit (EU Blu Card also)
  • have an income not lower than the annual social allowance (assegno sociale)
  • have at least 6-months work contract validity
  • show copies of the last pay slips for the current year and a certificate attesting your income (CU, 730, or other documentations issued by an Italian organisation/institution/etc.) of the previous year that must be higher than the social allowance (assegno sociale);
  • have been legally and continuously living in Italy for at least five years. During the 5-years period you should not have been out of Italy for more than 6 months (continuously) and the periods you have been out of Italy (days, weeks, months) in the last 5 years should not exceed 10 months. Compulsory military service, recorded serious health problems are not considered.
  • have an Italian language proficiency. A level A2 is asked (ref. Common European Framework for Language). A language test is required. Contact the local Prefettura for more information about exam session. 

    Family members who have been legally living with you for a continuous period of 5 years are entitled to apply for EU long-term residence permit.



Who cannot apply?

The application cannot be submitted by holders of a valid permit of stay for:

  • study or vocational training;
  • temporary protection or other humanitarian grounds;
  • asylum or when waiting a decision for recognition as a refugee;
  • diplomatic, official and service passport, or laissez-passer issued by international organizations

Pay attention that the periods with those resident permits are included in the 5-years stay.

Revocation of the EU long - term residence permit

It may be revoked when you have:

  • been away from the territory of the EU for 12 consecutive months;
  • got long-term resident status in another European Union member State;
  • been away from Italy for more than 6 years.

Things to know


Registration with National Health System - SSN may be costs free (mandatory registration), in this case foreigners must have the permanent residence
Ask the competent local health office/ distretto sanitario for more information.

Language text is not required
for foreigners who hold:

  • a permit of stay for research 
  • a first or second class secondary school diploma by an Italian secondary school
  • a higher education title (Degree, PhD) issued by an Italian acknowledge university;
  • a language certification issued by Università per Stranieri di Perugia, Università per Stranieri di Siena, Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Società Dante Alighieri; 
  • got level A2 with Integration agreement credits

In  Trieste you may contact CPIA (https://cpiatrieste.edu.it) for Italian language courses that are recognised by Prefettura and Questura for EU long term permit of stay.