Entry & Stay

Residence permit

Permesso di soggiorno

Non EU/EEA citizen willing to stay in Italy for more than 90 days, must apply for a permit of stay.

The request for the residence permit must be done WITHIN 8 DAYS from the arrival in Italy. The permit will be issued by the local Questura – Ufficio immigrazione (Police headquarter – Immigration office)  of the applicant’s place of residence.  

The permit will be issued according to the duration and purpose of the visa (study, research, work, family, etc.) and for a maximum of one year at a time.


Where to apply?
At the Post office by taking the number at the ticket system. Click on "Tutte le Operazioni 😊".

For the application, you can also get assistance for free at Patronato office. Please contact us to get a list of Patronati providing assistance in english.


How to apply for first issue/renewal?
The request kit 'Richiesta di rilascio/rinnovo del permesso/carta di soggiorno per cittadini stranieri' needs to be filled out. It is available at the post office for free. Documentation about proof of accommodation, means of subsistence (not lower that the Italian social allowance), health coverage for the duration of the permit and any other papers according to the purpose of the stay (i.e. enrollment letter, work contract, research grant, etc.).

Patronato offices  offer professional support in filling out the request kit  free of charges.


1. Application (at Post Office)

  • Fill out Mod 209 Form 1 and Form 2 (when requested) and add the revenue stamp. The kit can be fill out by yourself (you need first to collect it at Sportello amico Post office. Please do it in block capitals with a black pen. Follow the instructions) or by a Patronato – Welfare agency  (you do not need to have a kit with you);
  • Enclose the documentation needed according to the type of permit in the open envelope (yellow strip) because you need to hand it in personally. Do NOT submit original documents in the post office application/kit.
  • Bring your passport and visa with you, a revenure stamp of €16 and enough money to pay the application.
  • Go to a post office and make the payment by postal giro slip envisaging the cost of the electronic permit (€30,46 and the contribution fee according to the duration of the permit requested €40 or €50 or €100 (eg. click here to see a fac simile for one year permit filled out by e.g. Mrs Lucy Hu).
  • Take the communication receipt with date and time for the fingerprinting appointment at the local police headquarter (Questura) that will be automatically scheduled in 1-4 months upon availability of the Immigration office.  

For sending the kit you will be asked to pay €30 as postal fee. 

Attention: Keep the receipt from the post office together with your passport, as this replaces your permit of stay until the original arrives.


2. Fingerprinting appointment (Questura - Ufficio Immigrazione)

The appointment will be automatically taken by the Post office at the submission. On that day you need to have with you:

  • 2 passport-size photographs on white background;
  • the communication stating the appointment at Questura;
  • your passport;
  • the original documents that you have enclosed in the application kit
  • any other papers you have missed to add with the application (e.g. italian codice fiscale)*.

If the documentation submitted was incomplete or wrongly filled out, you will be able to bring the missing documents or make any necessary corrections by 30 days.

*In Trieste only It is possible to send missing papers by email (please contact Welcome Office FVG for more information).

3. Collect the permit (Questura)

The request for the permit will be processed only when the documentation required will be fully completed.
It should take 45-60 days. While waiting for the permit to be issued please check Polizia di Stato website by entering the file number (10 characters) or the registered mail code (12 characters) related to your application.

Once you get the permit, it is possible to register at Ufficio Anagrafe (Registry Office) of the city you live in. For more information click here.


When to renew?
It can be renewed only when the conditions are still met. The request should be made starting from 60 days before the expiry date.
In the application kit remember to add also copy of the expiring permit.


Please be aware of the travelling conditions in and out Italy and Schengen area while waiting for the first issue or the renewal. 


For more information or support please contact Welcome Office FVG. 


Things to know

Residence permit total cost: €76,46 (stamp, cost of the "card" and postal fee to send the kit), a postal fee of around €2 (when paying by postal giro slip) and an administrative contribution fee of:

- €40 for request of permit from 3 months up to one year
- €50 for request of permit from one year up to two years 
- €100 for request of permit for more than 2 years and for managers 

Download the instructions on how to fill out the forms for the permit.  


Residence permit renewal should be made starting from 60 days before the expiry date.

Integration agreement

Foreigners entering Italy for the first time and applying fa permit of stay of one year or more must sign the Integration Agreement (Accordo di Integrazione). For more information please click here.