Entry & Stay

Residence registration

Iscrizione anagrafica

Registering your residence in Italy is asked when staying more than 90 days.

It is required for several formalities such as registering with the National Health System (SSN), applying for family reunion (only Non EU citizen), exchanging driving license, enrolling children at school, claiming for family benefit, applying for ISEE certificate, or when applying for the EU permit of stay for long period (only Non EU citizen).  

All citizens (Eu and Non Eu) are advised to register if they are going to stay more than 1 year
N.B. Tenants have to inform landlord before moving their residence!


IMPORTANT: when moving from Italy, all citizens (EU and Non UE) are required to inform the Registry office about  and cancell from the Registry office (permanent or temporary) before they leave. Please check whether you need to inform also local waste tax office (es. Esatto office in Trieste). For more information please contact Welcome Office FVG. 

Things to know

Write your name on your door bell and on your mail-box as a control may be performed.



Permanent registration (the so-called APR ) is mandatory to:

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